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Maysmith Engineering (Willesden) Ltd was originally started before the Second World War by Mr May and Mr Smith as a precision machining company; it operated from 290a High Road Willesden, London. The advent of war led to Mr Smith going off to fight which left Mr May to run the firm doing its bit for the war effort. They had a deal that whoever went, the other would look after the remaining family if the worst happened. The choice of who went was on the toss of coin! Mr May was left behind and the worst unfortunately did happen to Mr Smith.

The company continued after the war and another factory was set-up in Maidenhead, Berks; both factories ran through to the mid 70’s when retirement loomed for Mr May. At this time, Maysmith was a supplier to Vandervall products, the shell bearing manufacturer and makers of the famous Vanwall racing car driven by Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks. The buyer at the time was Alan Albone who then moved to another engineering company as MD, but continued to use Maysmith as a supplier.

Alan Albone became ill and decided to seek a less pressurized workplace. Mr Albone was offered the chance to work for Mr May running the Willesden factory. The opportunity was taken and within 18 months the Willesden branch was sold to Alan Albone. (So much for a less stressful environment!)

The company outgrew the Willesden factory in two years and moved to Harpenden where it remained until the mid 1980’s.

There was then a downturn in business and a smaller unit was occupied for the next four or five years. Maysmith has always tried to adjust proactively to the circumstances it has been presented with and to that end, they have held the keys to eight factories in the thirty years.

In the year two thousand, Maysmith was sold to Tim Albone and Melissa Waylett and Alan Albone retired. Since then, the company has operated from the same factory and is still serving the same customers from the original set-up in 1976.

Pictures from old Maysmith workshop at Willesden c.1970's


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